"No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted." ~ Aesop

Hello... My name is Mary Lou below is my vulnerable TRUTH to show YOU that if you have ever been thru or felt the same way... You are not alone... WE are ALL going to CHANGE and GROW in this journey.

I was once a fitness competitor, professional dancer, and stunt woman weighing in at 115 pounds. I thought I was invincible. Until... injuries led to 3 knee surgeries and in addition, I became ill and could not figure out what was wrong with me.  My body changed for the worse and I found myself weighing 176 lbs.  I was lethargic, in pain, and extremely depressed. This 'strong, bull-headed, nothing can stop her girl' that felt invincible all her life had been struck down. I tried to fight my way back and did so a little, keeping my weight around 151 pounds, but my ability to be strong and disciplined was not there and I kept giving up on myself.  And my body still felt ill... so much so, that I just felt like giving up on everything.  Just when I couldn't feel any worse, we found out WHY I was sick. I had a severe intestinal parasite infection for 8 years! I have now been in anti-parasitic treatments and cleanses for over a year and my body is feeling healthier.  Now the real hard part kicks in. I need to rebuild my body and to do so will take extreme efforts. Therefore, the motivation of competing in the Bikini Body Building world again is helping me to once again become dedicated and disciplined because of how committed I HAVE TO BE to diet and exercise in order to reach my GOAL.  This time I am COMPETING as a VEGAN. I have been plant based for two years. Becoming vegan is what saved my life as I got more in tune with my body than ever before and was able to discover and triumph over what ailed me. (and don't ask me where I get my protein)  These competitions are also helping me to get completely healthy again which is going to benefit not only me but everyone and everything around me including my work, my marriage, my friendships, my attitude, my self-confidence, etc. I am also getting my body strong again to carry a BABY next year within a healthy body! These past 8 years have been extremely rough but also enlightening. I spent a lot of my "down time" reading and listening to self-help and inspirational speakers and having mentor meetings. I've completely changed my negative surroundings within myself and those around me into positivity and beauty all around me. I have dedicated my life to inspiring people with daily quotes, generosity, and giving people a smile a few times day without fail.  From just the weekly postings of my progress photos I have received hundreds of postings and emails from people telling me that I am INSPIRING THEM to get healthy and THAT is PRICELESS and worth everything I have gone thru! In a way I feel like I was supposed to have all of these challenges so that I could HELP OTHERS which really is my main purpose in life… The more I can help others by overcoming the obstacles and pain I have been thru helps me and others to become better humans.  It is my goal is to become a motivational speaker and inspire others to be their BEST both physically and mentally. To show that YOU CAN DO ANYTHING once you have a SOLID GOAL and DEDICATION! Thank you for your support

<3 to U from Mary Lou Weekly up to date progress photos will be posted here in the photo section and on my instagram ~ www.instagram.com/marylousandler

Getting FIT needs a FAT wallet!

As you can see... I set my goal very low for the expenses listed below. I will try to cut corners where I can. Any funds contributed over my goal will go towards getting health insurance, fertility doctor exam, and to The Beard Book for cancer charity which still needs to be funded for publishing/printing costs. (www.indiegogo.com/thebeardbook) Below is a list of competition and training expenses.  The below items are all requirements to compete in the NPC Championships.www.bodybuilding.com/fun/rules-and-regulations.htm

Personal Trainer 5 x days a week x 10 weeks = $3,500
Posing Coach = $200
Posing Suit = $350
Spray Tan x 2 Competitions = $300
Competition Fees x 2 =$200
NPC Card Fee = $100
Competition Shoes = $60
Mani-Pedi x 2 = $100
Food + Supplements x 10 weeks = $1800
Makeup/ Hair Artists x 2 = $300
Competition Photos + Video x 2 = $600
Tanning x 4 monthly memberships = $120
Misc. Supplies (e.g. Gear, Travel Sheets, Towels, Biking Safety Supplies) = $600

TOTAL = $8,230.00

Athletes have brand sponsors... I have YOU :-)  I can't do this alone. I need your help. In 2006 I had double knee surgery and this combined with my parasitic intestinal infection my body ballooned to 176 lbs. In my wildest dreams after having to learn how to walk again for a year. I thought I would never compete on stage again. With your help that is once again a reality. I will show hundreds of people you can overcome ANYTHING! I am determined to make you PROUD.

The cost of competing can be very expensive and any amount donated to help on this journey is greatly appreciated. With your generosity I will be able to put my focus on training and showing off my hard work on stage instead of stressing about the finances. With your support behind me I will make you all proud by achieving the goal of stepping onto the Stage in 2014!

Some photos from my past fitness modeling and competitions from 1995 to 2004.

The Impact

Your contribution makes an impact on many lives... Not just mine.
  • My dedication and body transformation impacts and inspires others everyday to know they are not alone in their fitness journey and motivates others to START a healthier lifestyle NOW.
  • Being a former fitness competitor and fitness cover model there is no reason why I can't be one again at 42 years old. I would be expanding my inspiration market to a wider market of more people in my age group.
  • Being that I am a VEGAN you will be helping to educate the world that living a more compassionate plant based lifestyle does not make you a skinny pasty hippie.
  • When my first two competitions are over... It's baby making time! I will have a stronger and healthier body to carry our first child and keep up a healthy and fit lifestyle during the pregnancy. You can say... Hey I helped 2 good people that help people make a baby that will grow up to help people! 

Other Ways You Can Help Some people just can’t contribute, but that doesn't mean you can’t help:
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  • SHARING IS CARING... Use the share tools!
  • POSTIS THE MOSTIS... Post this campaign in related blogs such as bodybuilding, weight-loss, vegan, fitness, and anything else you can think of.
  • If you have a brand, item, coupon, etc. ANYTHING you would like to promote as a perk to be included in this campaign as a way to promote your business please drop me a line.

Last August I had an Indiegogo Campaign which did not reach it's funding goal which after fees I received less than $1,000 from.
To view that past campaign click here http://www.indiegogo.com/projects/mary-lou-s-competition-campaign


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The Goal

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